For Undergraduates

English for General Academic Purposes


  • How is the course taught?

In each term, a 3-unit course on semi-technical English is offered in form of a 5-lesson pamphlet. The classes are run based on the cooperation between the professor and the learners to decode the texts and get cognizant of the strategies to do so. Lectures are given neither by the professors nor by the learners on regular basis; however, at times, learners would be volunteered to do so!
During the term, the students are assigned pages to pre-read before attending the class and in the following session, they will be asked to go through the assigned sections and give feedback to the class.
  • What is taught on the course?

The English course at AmirKabir University of Technology includes topics related to hard sciences, technology, and engineering. Oil formation process, machines and their functions, coal mining process, textile and civil engineering, mathematics and chemistry, and issues on types of industry are among the topics the learners would read on.
  • How is the course examined?

The course is examined through a combination of a mid-term and final exam together with the formative assessment each professor has had on the extent of the achievement each learner acquires during the term. The learners are evaluated based on a 1-to-20 interval scale and the passing score has been set to 10.