Department of Foreign Languages is among the most eminent departments in both the main and international campuses of the university. As part of their compulsory courses, the B.Sc. students are to attend the semi-technical/EGAP course offered by the department in each semester. Over 600 freshmen and around 500 sophomore-to-senior college students take the course not only to enrich their English proficiency, especially in reading comprehension, but also to get prepared to take and sit the ESAP courses offered by the original departments.
From among other courses the department offers, preparatory sessions for IELTS, TOEFL-ibt, and GRE as well as CALL workshops, and academic writing courses are also mentioned. Giving advice on the academic papers in terms of their writing style, research method, and comprehensibility of the language is what the department excels at. In case of urgency and/or on request, workshops on academic writing standards, teaching methodology, psychology for teachers, and assessment methods are organized by the department, too.
The members of the department are well-versed scholars on such subjects as ESAP, EGAP, EST Genre Analysis, Discourse Analysis, and ESAP Teacher Education.